Promoting Philanthropy in Kentucky

Formed in 2008, The Kentucky Philanthropy Initiative advocates for more private philanthropic engagement in Kentucky and to promote strategic grantmaking based on research and collaboration. Its motto is: Strategic philanthropy for the public good.

KPI has been focused on commissioning a Transfer of Wealth (TOW) study, expanding rural philanthropy, and lobbying for the successful passage of the Endow Kentucky Legislation (SB 227) which offers tax credit for new endowments.

Transfer of Wealth Report

The findings of the KPI Transfer of Wealth (TOW) study was unveiled at the 2010 Summit on Philanthropy. Many states have already completed such studies and have subsequently been able to address critical public policy initiatives that leverage the intergenerational transfer of wealth. By keeping a greater portion close to home in permanent endowments, local communities can benefit in significant ways. The information is this comprehensive TOW report, which will be distributed at the Summit, will help Kentucky to do the same.

Rural Philanthropy

KPI continues to focus on expanding rural philanthropy by promoting the establishment of some type of endowed fund for each of Kentucky’s 120 counties. We are researching how other mostly-rural states have addressed similar issues and are forming numerous strategic relationships throughout the state. To that end, we are starting with some “model” rural Community Foundation projects.