KPI Advocacy Action Network

Building philanthropic capacity throughout Kentucky is critical to securing our future. Local philanthropy provides communities with more control over their destinies, increases local ownership and accountability and enables more successful outcomes. We must empower every citizen, regardless of personal wealth, to become a philanthropist and participate in improving the lives of their neighbors and protecting their community’s valuable assets and resources.

The Kentucky Philanthropy Initiative is the only organization in the Commonwealth that advocates specifically for community philanthropy and works to develop and improve the necessary infrastructure to address persistent challenges.

In 2010, KPI commissioned a Transfer of Wealth study which identified an intergenerational wealth transfer of $707 billion over the next 50 years. By capturing just 5% of this wealth transfer within community foundations, we would realize over $35 billion in locally controlled, non-governmental funds to meet critical needs. To accomplish this goal we must consistently inform policy makers, empower citizens and initiate ongoing discussions about the tools necessary to accomplish these goals.

To aid this effort, we ask you to join our statewide network of advocates by lending your voice to this important message.